C++ Binding

Source Code

Starting with version 3.0 the C++ binding was moved to a separate project:


An alternative 'high-level' C++ binding, zmqpp, is also available for ØMQ version 3.0.

An alternative 'high-level' C++ binding, azmq designed to work well with the Boost family
of C++ libraries, is also available for ØMQ version 4.0.

CpperoMQ is an additional 'high-level' C++ binding option that focuses on highly composable multipart messaging and type-safety.

FBZMQ is an additional lightweight C++ wrappers over `libzmq` that leverage C++ abstractions and stricter type checking.
Most notably it provides the ability to send/receive `thrift objects` as messages over the wire without worrying about wire encoding/decoding protocols.
It also provides a powerful `Async Framework` with event loop, timeout, signal handling and more to enable developers to write asynchronous applications efficiently.

Build and installation

Build and install the ØMQ project. Then install either of the C++ bindings.


The documentation is available as zmq_cpp(7) manual page. It's online version can be found here:


Bug Reporting

If you encounter a problem please fill a bug report at the repository associated with the bindings that you are using:


Mailing List

Discussions about C++ language binding take place on the general zeromq-dev list.