D Binding

Source Code

The D binding to the native API of ØMQ project.
This is pending inclusion into the Deimos project, which aims to provide D wrappers for C libraries

https://github.com/1100110/ZeroMQ (newer revision pending inclusion into Deimos)
https://github.com/1100110/CZMQ (D binding for CZMQ, hopefully will also be included into Deimos)
http://github.com/itiu/zeromq-connector/raw/master/src/libzmq_headers.d (old D1 version)

Build and installation

It is assumed that you have either built or downloaded zmq, and it is part of your standard library path.
I have not had the problem of needing libstc++, or libuuid. (except for compiling zmq) therefore they are not included in my repo - 1100110

Linux:    This is straight from the examples under https://github.com/1100110/ZeroMQ
    dmd -I(Path to zmq.d) [hwclient.d|hwserver.d] -L-L(Path to Libs)


The documentation is available as zmq(7) manual page. It's online version can be found here:


Bug Reporting

If you encounter a problem with the D binding, please fill a bug report at:
Please only submit D binding problems here, bugs submitted here will not reach zmq.


Mailing List

Discussions take place on the general zeromq-dev list.