0MQ support is built-in to the Felix standard library.
You do not need to download or install any bindings.
You may view the binding code here:


Only version 3.1 or higher is supported.

Currently you need to install libzmq yourself,
the Felix build process does not build it.

The resource location record for this library can be viewed here:


and looks like this on a typical unix like box:

Name: ZeroMQ
Description: Message Passing Library
provides_dlib: -lzmq
provides_slib: -lzmq
includes: '"zmq.h"'

You will need to provide a modified version of this file if the
indicated compiler and linker switches will not locate your 0MQ


The Felix binding provides two levels of support for 0MQ.

Raw C

This is an almost direct lift of the C functional interface, except that it has been made type safe.


This interface is a bit higher level than the raw C one,
with shorter names, adds some support for using
Felix (C++) strings as data, and is remodelled a bit
to use higher order functions to simulate an OO feel.