Haxe Binding

The hxzmq project provides a 0MQ language binding for the cross-target haXe programming language. It provides a hxzmq.ndll shared library plus haXe wrapper API classes for the cpp and nekovm targets. PHP is also supported by wrapping the php-zmq library behind the same haXe wrapper API classes.

Source Code

The code resides in the hxzmq github repository. To get the latest development version's source code, clone the repository:

    git clone git://github.com/rjsmith/hxzmq.git

Alternatively, a package is maintained in the http://lib.haxe.org list that can be added to any haXe installation using:

    haxelib install hxzmq

Note that you must also have the hxcpp project installed in order to compile the hxzmq.ndll for your own platform from the source code (installing hxzmq via haxelib as above will automatically install hxcpp if you don't have it):

    haxelib install hxcpp


Full build and usage instructions for Windows, Linux and MacOSX platforms are documented in the README and INSTALL files in the distro.

Bug Reporting



rsmith ( at ) rsbatechnology (dot) co (dot) uk