Scala Binding

Scala Binding

The Scala binding for ZeroMQ is based on ZeroMQ versions 2.1.x and uses JNA for accessing native functions. The Scala binding is a thin wrapper of the ZeroMQ API, however, the Scala binding offers a jzmq like API, which intends to be compatible with the original API so that users that want to access ZeroMQ over JNA can switch over to use the Scala binding.

Source Code

Source code can be found here:


Create a file, project/plugins/build.sbt, for plugin library dependencies with the following lines:

  resolvers += "Sonatype (releases)" at ""

  libraryDependencies += "org.zeromq" %% "zeromq-scala-binding" % "0.0.6"


Get the source code from Github and run in top-level directory of the project for creating a jar file:

$ ./sbt package