Smalltalk variant: GNU Smalltalk (ZMQ v4.0.5)

A binding for a v4.0 compatible version of ZMQ is available here:

The only run-time dependency is the ZMQ C library. It has not been extensively tested (REQ/REP seems to work fine with v4.0.5). Some examples with both text and binary message sending and receiving are available here:

It's a very low-level core binding: every function in the C API is directly exposed to GST, so you must take some care in converting objects to the proper CObject. The design intent is to provide Smalltalk with a ZMQ 'core', on top of which a more object-oriented API can be built. The advantage of having such a core is that it can be automatically generated from the C API (the zmq.h file), so that it is easier to update the bindings when a new version of ZMQ is released.

The current generator lives here:

The generator is designed to be language agnostic. The C API is parsed into a language agnostic result that serves as input for a generator module. So, generation of the GST bindings is implemented as a separate module, and other languages can be added by adding generator modules for them.

Smalltalk variant: GNU Smalltalk (pre-4.0)

The GNU Smalltalk binding is in its initial stage. We have the most important functions implemented.
If you are planning to write a binding for some other Smalltalk, please try to co-ordinate your
effort with us so that all bindings share a common high-level interface.




Mailing List

Discussions about this language binding take place on the general zeromq-dev list.

Smalltalk variant: Pharo & Squeak