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Building in Windows

Building in Windows can be done using DevStudio 2008, DevStudio 2010, DevStudio 2012, DevStudio 2013 and DevStudio 2015.

First, get the source code to a working directory:

cd /d e:\git
git clone

Then, start a CMD.EXE window using the DevStudio you want to build using from DevStudio Tools.
Then execute the commands below:

cd libzmq\builds\msvc\build

In order to have the option to build with libsodium, it must be cloned to a sibling directory:

git clone

Using build.bat will build for all targets and platforms in the solution file.
If you prefer to build just one specific target, open the solution file for your target DevStudio version and build it from there.

e:\git\libzmq\builds\msvc>dir/s/b *.sln

Options to build with sodium, tweet, draftapi, gssapi and openpgm are available in Visual Studio in the ZMQ Options property page.