Regression tests

We use Travis-CI for regression tests, see:

Build machines

  • Master (Linux / Debian / x86)
  • solaris10 (Solaris / SunOS 5.10 / x86)
  • win7 (Windows 7 / x86)
  • freebsd8.1 (BSD / FreeBSD 8.1 / x86)
  • linux_s390x (Linux / SLES11 / s390x)



GCC ICC Solaris Studio clang MinGW32 Mono Visual Studio
Master 4.4.5 11.1 12.2 2.8 4.2.1 2.6.7 x
solaris10 3.4.3 x 12.2 x x x x
win7 x x x x 4.5.0 x 2008
freebsd8.1 4.2.1 x x x x x x
linux_s390x 4.3.4 x x x x x x

Participating in the build cluster

We are always looking for build slaves on new hardware and operating systems. Participating in the build cluster requires an unprivileged user on the machine and working Java, autotools, libtool and C/C++ compilers. If you want more information about participating in the build cluster please get in touch either through the mailing-lists or IRC.