libzmq Source Git Repository

libzmq development happens on the Source git repository at This git also holds the project issue tracker. The master branch holds the latest unstable version of libzmq. Source code documentation is at Man pages for current versions are at

Here is how to build ØMQ from the source repository on various platforms. You need to have git installed. Then clone the repository using the read-only github URI:

git clone git://

Note: The libzmq master is a work in progress, and not supported by most language bindings. If you are looking for a stable libzmq to build on, please download the current stable package.

UNIX-like platforms

You will need the build-essential, libtool, autoconf, automake, and uuid-dev packages or their equivalents. The asciidoc package is optional: if it is missing, you will not get man pages. To build, after cloning the git:

$ cd libzmq
$ ./
$ ./configure     # add other options here
$ make
$ make check
$ sudo make install

The build system checks whether asciidoc is installed. If it is, you will get man pages. Otherwise you won't.


On Linux, run sudo ldconfig after make install.

Mac OS X

On OS X, the step requires pkg-config. You do not need pkg-config to build from a released source package. If pkg-config is incorrectly installed you may see errors when you run configure. To fix these errors, install and configure the latest pkg-config:

$ tar xzf pkg-config-0.23.tar.gz
$ cd pkg-config-0.23
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/pkg-config-0.23 --datarootdir=/usr/share
$ make
$ sudo make install

Then put /usr/local/pkg-config-0.23/bin on your $PATH. It is important to include the —datarootdir=/usr/share option, which will install the pkg.m4 file in /usr/share/aclocal, where aclocal will be able to find it.


You will need DevStudio 2010 or newer.

Open a CMD.EXE window using DevStudio Tools Shortcuts and click on "VS20xx X64 Native Tools Command Prompt" or "VS20xx X86 Native Tools Command Prompt" shortcut.

On the CMD.EXE window it creates, execute:

$ cd libzmq\builds\msvc\build
$ buildall.bat

This will build using the environment set on the command window. The ØMQ libraries are built in the libzmq\builds\msvc\lib subdirectory.

In case you want to build for multiple versions of DevStudio installed on this machine, edit the buildall.bat command and uncomment the build command for each desired version.

Cross-platform build with CMake

  1. Download and install CMake
  2. Use CMake to generate appropriate build files for your operating system and build tools.
  3. Instructions on how to use CMake can be found here: