Berlin Buzzwords 2013

Berlin Buzzwords 2013 - 12pm-1pm June 4th, 2013

Can You Crack It? - Secure messaging for the Internet

The ZeroMQ messaging library spawned a new product category of thin, 
fast message transports that today includes JeroMQ, NullMQ, NetMQ, 
Axon, Crossroads, Nanomsg, and more. Fast, light messaging on the LAN
is now a solved problem. But how about Internet scale? That means 
security. Pieter Hintjens explains how he remixed D.J.Bernstein's 
NaCl and CurveCP with SASL (IETF RFC 4422) to create a new ZeroMQ 
protocol (ZMTP 3.0) and security handshake (CurveZMQ). This focus of 
this talk will be on the design choices in ZMTP and CurveZMQ, and how 
different kinds of architecture need different types of security.

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