ØMQ Chicago Meetup

An informal event for all ØMQ users and contributors.

Where: Orso's Restaurant, details on restaurant

When: Thursday October 20th, 2011 at 6pm.

Attendees Please do add your name to ensure a seat.

  1. Chuck Remes
  2. Pieter Hintjens
  3. Matt Griswold (host!)
  4. John Murphy
  5. Myles Byrne
  6. Tom Cocagne
  7. Brent Bradbury
  8. Mike Gatny
  9. Eric Stein

We had a great meetup last night! There were 9 of us who got together at Orsos, had some great food, plenty of drinks, too many laughs and a lot of excellent conversation.

First, I'd like to thank Matt Griswold for sponsoring & hosting the evening. Thank you thank you thank you.

Next, I thought I would put together a few links (which I'll also post to the wiki page) pointing to a few of the things we talked about last night. I couldn't hear everything at the table, so these are the items I remember.

  • Celluloid (Ruby Actors)


http://www.unlimitednovelty.com/2011/09/object-oriented-concurrency-deep-dive.html (and others)

  • Lua


  • Zed Shaw

If you want to see the rant between Pieter & Zed, look at Pieter's twitter messages from Aug 22, 2011.

Also, a fine reddit thread where Zed got pissed and created his own competitor to 0mq. He basically wrote it in a day or two, released it, and never touched it again. Note the dates on this git repository and the date of the Pieter/Zed twitter smackdown. :)


  • Pieter Hintjens


(His book)

  • Pauseless GC in Java

Great interview… links to the whitepaper that gives the technical details:






(And when I push it, my Ruby FIX library will be here)

  • GTest (Google's C++ testing framework)


Thank you to everyone who participated. We will probably do a quarterly meetup in Chicago going forward, so look for an announcement sometime in January 2012.

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