Zeromq Post FOSDEM Hackaton Mon 3 Tue 4 Feb 2020

ZeroMQ Post-FOSDEM Hackaton (Mon 3 + Tue 4 Feb 2020)


Monday 3rd Tuesday 4th February 2020, from 9am to late in the night :-)


Chez Hugo Hackerspace
Rue de Laeken 116
1000 Brussels

Drinks and food

For the food, bring your own, and we will order suchis, pizzas, etc… when needed.

How to register?

Choose from the following options:

  • Create a wikidot account, apply for write access to this site (precaution because of recent hacker attacks) and add your name to the Attendees list
  • Write to the zeromq-dev mailing list (
  • Contact the admins via mail: ed.reppasnivek|liam#ed.reppasnivek|liam, moc.liamg|issaccob.acul#moc.liamg|issaccob.acul


  • Enter your topic


Please do add your name to ensure a seat:

  1. NAME surname (github user optionally)
  2. LUCA Boccassi (bluca)
  3. DORON Somech (somdoron)

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