ZeroMQ Pre-FOSDEM Hackaton (Thu 31 Jan + Fri 1 Feb 2019)

ZeroMQ Pre-FOSDEM Hackaton (Thu 31 Jan + Fri 1 Feb 2019)


Thu 31 Jan and Fri 1 February 2019, from 9am to late in the night :-)


WARNING : The HSBXL has moved, the location differs from previous years by a couple of kilometers!

Hackerspace Brussels (HSBXL)
Rue des Goujons 152
1070 Anderlecht
GPS: 50.832593, 4.322160
GSM: +32 484 566109 (zoobab)

Drinks and food

HSBXL has a decent bar (beers, tea, soft drinks, etc…).

For the food, bring your own, and we will order suchis, pizzas, etc… when needed.

How to register?

Choose from the following options:

  • Create a wikidot account, apply for write access to this site (precaution because of recent hacker attacks) and add your name to the Attendees list
  • Write to the zeromq-dev mailing list (
  • Contact the admins via mail: ed.reppasnivek|liam#ed.reppasnivek|liam, moc.liamg|issaccob.acul#moc.liamg|issaccob.acul


  • Release glard in Debian
  • Crypto for Zyre
  • libzmq
  • docker containers for malamute and client(s)
  • Discuss best community-agreeable approaches to some revisions in zproject, and hopefully get to implementing those too:
    • Use of zproject for components that do not rely on czmq (which is now a hardcoded implicit dependency) to have diverse product ecosystems managed by the same tooling
    • Use of zproject for optional more complex custom dependency trees (extending with more than one "known_projects.xml" lookalike, recursively fetching and parsing "project.xml" files while regenerating a project, etc.) which is needed by product bundles that chose to not track an upstream/master branch and/or repo of some dependency in the zprojectized ecosystem, but poses a challenge for regenerations on systems not necessarily connected to the Internet all the time. (We have some real-life examples that did get the job done "manually", but are cumbersome to maintain and with exponential complexity to do it well as the product grows)
    • Extend zproject for standardized generation of "tntnet" servlets (we have a solution that hacks-on fake classes and some ‘Makemodules-local` targets and overrides into packaging files, better have it as a `class`-like citizen and no custom magic involved).
  • Provide a clang-format configuration file (eventually via zproject) which adheres to requirements of and ensure that C/C++ code generated by zproject adheres to that as well. This builds upon the last hackathon’s introduction of clang-format build targets to test and/or convert codebase according to a given style definition.
  • zyre: use linklocal ipv6 to find peers over the same LAN like
  • Let's build a Kafka like Pub/Sub


Please do add your name to ensure a seat:

  1. NAME surname (github user optionally)
  2. LUCA Boccassi (bluca)
  3. GIESECKE Simon (sigiesec)
  4. HENRION Benjamin (zoobab)
  5. SAPPER Kevin (sappo)
  6. DORON Somech (somdoron)
  7. JIM Klimov (jimklimov)
  8. JANA Rapava (jana-rapava)
  9. DAVID Hauri (chubbson)
  10. STEFFEN Reichmann


There are some costs for the heating system (we might need to rent one), so participants will be invited to make a small donation to cover those.

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