What People Say

jer: only a couple days into 0mq, but it is one of the coolest libraries i've used. to play, i rewrote some code, and managed to quite literally, throw away several hundred lines of code (and the program was already just over a thousand lines of code… 40%, gone.) — on #zeromq

I suspect that zeromq is reverse engineered from an alien spacecraft. — @no_structure

Zeromq has solved basically every parallelization problem I've had with this system to date. So fast/awesome. — @jeffhorrocks

ZeroMQ is incredible powerful, is not only fast and efficient but it also simplifies enormously the design of the communication layer for any application.Antonio Garrote

I've played with ZeroMQ and know the guys involved, very fast, easy to use and solid albeit somewhat immature. — @murphybytes

I have used RabbitMQ for several years now & I like it more than other commercial/free implementations, but ZeroMQ is still superior — @maurotoffanin

@stammy is correct. I'm *incredibly* impressed with @zeromq. — @cscotta

ZeroMQ makes writing high performance networking applications incredibly easy and fun.Ilya Grigorik

0MQ is rock solid, 100% reliable, and faaaaaast.Jon Gifford, CTO at Loggly.com

What ZeroMQ ends up being is ”sockets the way programmers think sockets work.”Zed Shaw

ZeroMQ could very well be the new way in how we connect our componentsNicholas Piël

Once again, ZeroMQ surprised me by making it trivialOliver Smith

I didn't get the point of mongrel2 until I learned @zedshaw was using ZeroMQ and making it a communications hub and that makes it genius — @samueldean

A stack most pleasing to the eye and mind — @dlr_eintr

If ZeroMQ didn't exist, it would be necessary to invent it. ZeroMQ simply seems to me a "bare necessity" nowadays.Gonzalo Diethlem

The more time I spend with ZeroMQ, the less I can think of a reason I'd ever have to open up a raw TCP or UDP socket.Andrew Cholakian