17 Apr 2011 07:19 - by pieterh

Thomas S Hatch writes:

Salt is a high speed remote execution and configuration management system which uses zeromq. Salt has also been written with the developer in mind, Salt can be VERY easily extended with modules and can act as a standalone remote execution system or act as a simple to use message passing and managing broker with authentication and encryption built in.

Also one of the goals for salt is simplicity, I will argue that it is the easiest remote execution system out there today to manage and set up!

The Salt project is managed by Salt Stack - and the Salt community portal can be found at The source code for Salt is located on github -

To see the latest progress on Salt check out the release notes located in the Salt documentation:

Salt can be installed in from the package system in many Linux distributions and via the FreeBSD ports tree. To download the source directly check pypi:

Salt is very well documented, boasting hundreds of pages of information about the ins and outs of Salt. The documentation is located at

Thank you for zeromq, it has opened up powerful capabilities for network development and has enabled me to make salt into an amazing project!

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