ØMQ Projects

This is a provisional list of ØMQ projects, please add your project if you are looking for contributors. Ideally, projects should be hosted on github and use the ØMQ contribution policies.

Name Owner Websites Languages Title
core Martin Sustrik Website | Tracker C++ ØMQ core library
manual Martin Lucina Website | Tracker ASCIIDOC ØMQ reference manual
builds Mikko Koppanen Website | Tracker Shell Daily build system
zguide Pieter Hintjens Website | Tracker Wikidot ØMQ - The Guide
zfl Pieter Hintjens Website | Tracker C99 ØMQ - The Function Library
Whaleshark Pieter Hintjens Website | Tracker C99 Open source data plant


What is this page for?
This is a temporary page for collecting projects that belong in the ØMQ community. The goal is to show these on the main community page to help our visitors navigate the growing and buzzword compliant ØMQ ecosystem.
How does this overlap with Labs?
Labs is broader, and includes experimental projects and applications using ØMQ. There is an overlap, which is deliberate.
Who decides if a project belongs here?
The project owner, and the ØMQ community, by consensus. If there's ambiguity, Pieter Hintjens and Martin Sustrik will judge. A project should come here if it speaks to the ØMQ user community as clients, and uses the 0MQ infrastructure (IRC, mailing list, github community) naturally. Projects that build on 0MQ but address a different user community should not be here.
Can my firm offer commercial support for a project like iMatix does for Whaleshark?
Yes, of course. This is why there's a 'website' column. However, note that iMatix owns the zeromq.org domain, and the ØMQ trademarks, the ØMQ logo, and the design of the zeromq.org sites, and you may not use these without iMatix's OK.

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